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Nearly 2.5 million inhabitants benefited from humanitarian demining

September 08, 2017

Nearly 2.5 million inhabitants benefited from humanitarian demining The commander of the National Army presided the anniversary ceremony of these brave men and women
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During the first year after the activation of the Humanitarian Demining Engineers Brigade no. 1, anti-personnel mines and explosive devices were removed from 602,341 square meters.
During its first year, the Humanitarian Demining Engineers Brigade no. 1 cleared 602,341 square meters of the national territory from antipersonnel mines and explosive devices.

To commemorate this date, the soldiers held a ceremony that took place at the facilities of the Military Unit, where statuettes were given to those who have supported the humanitarian demining process. At the same time, the work of the men and women of the National Army was recognized for successfully fulfilling their mission.

General Alberto Jose Mejia Ferrero, commander of the National Army, not only manifested his support to the deminers, but said: I want to thank wholeheartedly to the members of the Humanitarian Demining Brigade for a job well done. Within the Victoria Plan, the Humanitarian Demining Brigade has a leading role, because they are absolutely responsible for helping stabilize the territories. A territory cannot be stabilized if it continues to have mines that threaten the population. Discipline and professionalism undoubtedly provide this Brigade with a high level of professionalism. An Army can only be regarded as modern when it shows a high level of professionalism in all its subsystems.

In 2016 and 2017, the deminers delivered 16 municipalities free of suspicion of antipersonnel mines, including San Vicente del Chucurí and Sabana de Torres (Santander), Guatapé, El Peñol, Medellín, Cocorná and 14 trails of San Luis ( Antioquia), Guamal and Cumaral (Meta), Regidor and New Talaiga (Bolívar), Aracataca, Chibolo, Fundación, Santa Marta and the Banana Zone (Magdalena), Barranquilla (Atlántico), and 24 sectors of the municipality of Chaparral (Tolima).

The work of the men and women of this Military Unit allowed about 2.5 thousand inhabitants to benefit from humanitarian demining, since 131 anti-personnel mines, 171 improvised explosive devices and 66 unexploded ordnance were destroyed.

The soldiers have cleared 602,341 square meters so far using the manual demining technique, while 10,968 square kilometers have been released following non-technical studies.

Since the beginning of humanitarian demining in 2009 to date, 20 municipalities have been declared free from suspicion of antipersonnel mines by the National Army.