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Yulián Erazo, the little boy with leukemia who received the honorary title of Commander of the Ninth Brigade

December 26, 2017

Yulián Erazo, the little boy with leukemia who received the honorary title of Commander of the Ninth Brigade Since a very young age, he expressed his desire to be a soldier of the National Army
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This nine-year-old boy fights tirelessly to win the battle against cancer, while working to make his dreams come true. Today, he proudly wears the National Army uniform.
Overcoming adversities, facing pain and with an unwavering faith, Yulián Alexander Erazo, a little boy who has fought leukemia for a year and a half, became the honorary commander of the Ninth Brigade and, as such, received the honors and messages of gratitude for his courage and willingness to overcome the obstacles as all Colombian soldiers do every day.

The boy, who has lost part of his vision and has difficulty walking, since a very young age expressed his desire to be a soldier of the National Army and reach the rank of captain. Today, the men and women of the Ninth Brigade, in response to the call of the first lady of Huila, Miriam de González, not only allowed him to wear the uniform, but also awarded him with the rank of Colonel. Yulián received the Institutions coin and the badge of this Military Unit, while his men and women listened to the orders of this brave heart.

Yulián comes from Bruselas, a remote town, and because of this, his mother could not accompany him. He is alone with his aunt during these difficult times in which he would like to be with his parents. I thank God and the Army for making Yuliáns dream possible, said the first lady of the Department.

The child was received by honor guards upon his arrival to the facilities of the Military Unit and was imposed the cap of the soldiers of the National Army before entering the War Room, where he received the command of the Ninth Brigade from Colonel Farid Chaux Nieto, second commander and chief of staff of the Minor Operative Unit: The Ninth Brigade of the National Army, in order to fulfill his dream and reward his spirit of struggle and courage, appoints Yulián Alexander Erazo as honorary commander of the Ninth Brigade of the National Army, and by virtue of it, all the personnel will obey him and will abide.

During a meeting held with the General Staff, the child communicated via radial trunking with the commanders of the different battalions of the Ninth Brigade, who presented their greetings to the new commander and expressed their willingness to be attentive to his wishes.

At that precise moment, the voice of Major General Ricardo Gómez Nieto, commander of the National Army, was heard in the venue. Via WhatsApp, he sent a moving greeting to the boy, while expressing the honor of recognizing him as a soldier of Colombia, a Multimission Hero:

I was told that you live in Huila, that you admire the soldiers of Colombia and that your greatest dream is to become a Multimission Hero. Today, on behalf of all the soldiers of Colombia, I have the honor of appointing you as one of us; I take the oath and I command you to safeguard our Homeland, love your family and take care of yourself.

I know you have health problems, maybe its a big challenge, but for a soldier of the Homeland there are no limits, nor difficulties that prevent us from continuing to look for happiness. Thats why, today as a commander, I ask you to represent the soldiers of Colombia, to be brave, strong and courageous in your mind and heart, and also to love those people who surround you and keep your essence as a child. May the Lord of hosts guide your path and that of your family. Please receive a warm hug from the 240,000 men and women of the National Army. Remember, soldiers always keep the Faith in the Cause and we take God in each of our actions. We love you son.

Then, the child visited the facilities of Colombia Estéreo 99.7, where he had access to the microphones and told the listeners about his dreams, expressing that he wants to be a soldier, that he loves soccer and playing with trains and helicopters. Right after, he was taken to the facilities of the Aviation Battalion no. 5 where he could sit on the pilots chair and share some time with the aviator soldiers.

The joyful experience lived by this brave boy ended in the facilities of the Tenerife Battalion, where the motorized fortress received him with honor guards to show their pride and the gratitude for being visited by him in the facilities of the military canton.

Yulián comes from the center of Bruselas in Pitalito, and he has been fighting for a year and a half. It has not been easy to be here today because there have been many difficult moments in which we thought he was not going to continue with us, but thank God he is doing well. He recently left the ICU and thanks to the soldiers today he can fulfill his dream, said Maudy Nayibe Tucuara, aunt of the child.

We made the dream of Yulián true. All the soldiers of the Ninth Brigade, who are fathers and mothers, felt the childs desire as their own and committed to its realization, said Colonel Farid Chaux.