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The School of Air Assault (ESASA) graduated 127 men

February 07, 2018

The School of Air Assault (ESASA) graduated 127 men The first course of the year in ESASA was finalized.
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The military ceremony of the Basic Air Assault course No. 176. was held before Brigadier General Juan Carlos Correa Consuegra, commander of the National Training Center.
127 soldiers, including 3 officers, 17 non-commissioned officers and professional soldiers of the Rapid Deployment Force No. 01 received knowledge in technical and tactical phases. Humanistic, general professional and physical aerial areas were essential for their learning process, leading these new men to acquire a certification in air assault operations.

The Air Assault School highlighted the commitment and dedication of these Multimission Heroes, who will now return to their units to apply the acquired knowledge.

With God in their hearts, the strength of their hands, the strength of their boots and the determination of their minds, the commander of the National Training Center (CENAE in Spanish) exhorted these new air assault men to become the spearhead of their units, and continue to provide the best results during operations to contribute to the security and defense of Colombians.