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Military engineers advance infrastructure works for the reconstruction of Mocoa

March 13, 2018

Military engineers advance infrastructure works for the reconstruction of Mocoa The works are executed in several neighborhoods of the capital of Putumayo.
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Currently, two major works are being carried out. They will be delivered to the community in August this year.
Within the framework of the Cooperation and Development axis of the Victoria Plus Plan of the National Army, the 27th Jungle Brigade and the Construction Battalion no. 51 of the Engineers Command are executing two major works in Mocoa (Putumayo), in order to contribute to the reconstruction of the city after the flood of March 31, 2017, during which 15 neighborhoods disappeared.

The works consist of the construction of boxes and wells for rainwater harvesting in the San Jos Homero neighborhood, where 206 meters of concrete rigid road will be paved. These works will benefit 43000 inhabitants of the capital of Putumayo, since they contribute to improve their mobility and the urban embellishment of the city, after a tragedy that took the lives of more than 300 people.

The works, which are carried out 24/7, began in September 2017 and will end in October this year. It is noteworthy that since the day of the avalanche caused by the overflow of the Taruca, Mulato and Sangoyaco rivers, the National Army, through its Military Engineers, has helped to mitigate the damage to the infrastructure by installing Acrow bridges on the San Antonio Creek that connects the departments of Putumayo and Huila.

Furthermore, the Engineers have paved 470 meters out of 2.8 kilometers of roads projected in the neighborhoods Pablo Sexto, Olmpico and Bellavista, where works of art are currently being developed while sidewalks are built.
These actions, in which the capacities of the Army are used, seek to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of Mocoa and are framed within the guidelines of the Integral Action and Development Command, as well as the Faith in Colombia - Pasin Putumayo program, bringing together other institutions of the State to manage projects and offer a timely response to the affected communities that require special attention to rebuild their social fabric.