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Operations against the persistent threat system yield important results

April 13, 2018

Operations against the persistent threat system yield important results Soldiers of the Colombian Army advancing military actions against drug trafficking. Photo archive.
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Within the framework of the Victoria Military Strategic Plan for Stabilization and Consolidation.
In the past few hours, the National Army, while developing military actions in different departments of the country against Los Pelusos, Los Rastrojos, Gulf Clan and Los Puntilleros, found three laboratories used for processing coca base paste and arrested eight people.

In the village of Las Pailas in the municipality of Sardinata (Norte de Santander), a laboratory used for processing of coca base paste was found and destroyed by soldiers of the Terrestrial Combat Battalion No. 9 that belonged to the Los Pelusos group. In the place, 220 gallons of coca base paste in process, 110 g of oil, 42.5 kg of cement and six containers were found.

Similarly, soldiers of the Seventeenth Brigade deployed in the village Vallesi, of the municipality of Dabeiba, (Antioquia), developed an operation to neutralize a second facility used for drug trafficking. This time, the troops arrived at a laboratory belonging to the Gulf Clan, where the crminals had prepared 142 gallons of coca base in process, hiding 10 kg of lime and eight containers of different types.

Meanwhile, in Capricho, located in the municipality of Cumaribo (Vichada), outstanding troops of the Eighth Division found and destroyed, in a controlled manner, a third laboratory for the processing of coca base paste. When the soldiers inspected the place, they realized that the building was used by Los Puntilleros. Inside, 350 kilos of coca leaf, 180 gallons of coca base paste in process, 17 containers with 90 gallons of diesel oil, 50 kg of lime and a scale were found.

Finally, during an offensive action against drug trafficking, two members of Los Pelusos abandoned 0.357 kg of coca base paste in a sector of the village El Serpentino, municipality of Tib, Norte de Santander. This material was seized by the Multimission Heroes of the Thirtieth Brigade.

The people arrested by the troops

In the village of Palermo, in the municipality of Tmesis, (Antioquia), six men and a woman, presumably members of the Gulf Clan, were taken into custody by the troops of the Fourth Brigade when they were in possession of a 38-millimeter revolver and 11 magazines, 0.1 kg of cocaine, a large amount of money and four cell phones.

Also, in the Bellavista neighborhood of the municipality of Bucaramanga (Santander), soldiers of the Fifth Brigade arrested two alleged members of the persistent threat system known as Los Rastrojos, who had a current arrest warrant issued by the First Court of Bucaramanga.

In this way, the National Army will continue to fulfill its constitutional mission to ensure security, welfare and progress of the country.