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Being a military officer, a profession that changes lives

May 16, 2018

Being a military officer, a profession that changes lives During the training course n.58 offered by the School of Professional Soldiers, Private Marco Tulio had the opportunity to specialize as a High Precision Shooter
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Private Marco Tulio Garca talks about his decision to join the Army, a vocation that he discovered while defining his military situation.
Marco Tulio Garca-Giraldo describes his father as a strong man with a strong character, like any person from Santander. Although Marco Tulio was also born in Bucaramanga, that was almost the only thing he did in that city of the northeastern of the country. He was spent most of his childhood in different cities, mainly in coffee-growing municipalities, since his father was and still is a teacher.

Germn Garca has five children and when Marco Tulio, the youngest, was only 7, Germn had to take care of them. Their grandmother took care of them occasionally because their mother left and they did not hear from her again.

Germn is a great father, says Marco Tulio. Teaching and fatherhood are analogous and he has managed to fulfill both missions with great skill. The most important thing for Germn has always been education; therefore, he did everything he could so that his children could enter a university.

Today, among his children, there is a geologist, a food engineer, a marketing specialist and a student of mechanical engineering. However, Marco Tulio chose the noble profession of arms.

At first, it was difficult for Germn to accept the idea that Marco Tulio was not going to the university. He was hoping he would become a doctor, but the plans of Marco Tulio were extremely different. His family had the necessary resources for him to opt for a professional career, but he longed, more than anything in the world, to be a soldier.

It was only until Marco Tulio entered the Special Energy and Road Battalion No. 8, located in Segovia, Antioquia, to define his military situation when he knew, with clarity, what he wanted to do with his life.

The dream of Germn Garca came true when Marco Tulio obtained the badge that certified him as a military lifeguard, confirming that being a military man also means being a professional at the service of citizens. Marco Tulio also learned a great lesson that his father tried to teach before, that there is nothing more pleasant than helping others.

Marco Tulio says: Beyond your own desires, God surprises you with something different. I did not know what I was going to do with my life, until I joined the Army and discovered my vocation.

Being a military officer is a profession that gives you great rewards. You work for the institution that you like, the one that you learn to love, says Marco Tulio, and then, you begin to do the things you like, because here you can learn things that are useful for life.

Marco Tulio Garca is 23 years old and has just graduated as a professional soldier. He knows that his learning journey is just beginning, but he is clear that, thanks to the values instilled by his father an outstanding Santander teacher and the extraordinary military training he received at the School of Professional Soldiers, he must do everything with integrity and rectitude to fulfill with honor the destination he has chosen.