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National Army leads initiative to bring water to La Guajira

September 04, 2018

Specialized teams from the United States Naval Mission visited La Guajira to start the construction of a drinking water well for the Rumonero community.
The National Army, in coordination with the United States Naval Mission, is working on the development of the Cooperativa del Sur Station 2018, specifically in the Rumonero Project, which has the objective of building a drinking water well in La Guajira to contribute to the socio-economic development of the department, under the concept of Unified State Action.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Military Forces with the US Navy and the coordination with the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Housing, the Government of Cesar, the City Hall of Riohacha, the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management and Corpoguajira, measures will be adopted to promote planning, exploration, execution and maintenance of the construction project of a deep potable water well in the Rumonero Ranch sector. This well will promote comprehensive rural development in the department of La Guajira. This activity will take place from August 28 to September 22 and will benefit thousands of people in the region as the families of this indigenous community will have access to potable water service, which will guarantee them better living conditions

It is worth noting that during the execution of the Rumonero Project, men from the National Army, along with 38 Marines from the Naval Mission, will also work in the city of Riohacha to exchange knowledge with experts of the US Navy and traditional doctors of the communities of Cucurumana, El Paraso and Tocoromana, in preventive medicine, where indigenous leaders will receive training for 17 days.

This cooperation work aims at rebuilding the social fabric of these regions by bringing together international efforts and cooperation, with the purpose of stabilizing, consolidating, bringing progress, well-being and development to the communities that need it most. The soldiers of the National Army will continue working in coordination with the State and Government institutions, to generate the conditions to promote the social recovery of the national territory thanks to the work of the State aimed at working for security with social intervention.

The development of the Rumonero Project will have an important deployment of the capabilities and tools of the National Army and the US Navy, thanks to the dedicated and committed work of the First Division, the Integral Action and Development Support Command and the Military Engineers Command.

These actions, which are framed in the Cooperation to Development strategic axis of the Victoria Plus Plan, seek to provide the inhabitants of the department of La Guajira with a better quality of life and greater access to medical services and potable water.