National Army of Colombia

Sinai Peace Mission

November 08, 2005

Colombia is proud of its contribution to the MFO and the MFO role in the peace and stability promotion ay the Middle East.

In development of the Camp David agreements of the Multinational Force of Observers director chosen by the UN general secretary, Lemon R. Hunt, on letter dated in September 1981, requested the Colombia president Julio Caesar Turbay Ayala the possibility to study about the contribution Colombia with a 500 Infantry men battalion to the foreseen military organism.


The Multinational Force of Peace and Observers (MFO), it is an independent mission (non dependant from the United Nations) of Peace Maintenance, created as a result of the Camp David 1978 agreements and the1979 Peace Treaty.


Every day the Battalion Colombia meets in the morning in the Weapons Square to verify the activities to develop. There they find out that types of services and activities to develop that should be completed by means of the agenda, a valuable and opportune document for these routine events.

Forced Skills

This competition is the representative in the life at the MFO. It is a 20 years tradition full of fights, victories, and defeats. Highlighted with the charisma and the strength of each country, Colombia is always fighting to win, always in constant training and capable of obtaining the victory.