National Army of Colombia

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August 28, 2017

  1. Colombian Army and Police Destroy Coca Operation

    2017-08-28 09:31:38/

    During the joint operation, security forces located and destroyed labs used for the production of cocaine hydrochloride in the department of Nariño.

  2. Colombian Army activates new Special Forces Battalion

    2017-08-28 10:40:40/

    The Colombian Army activated the Urban Special Forces (SF) Battalion N7 in Medellin, Department of Antioquia, on May 17, in an effort to counter organised crime across the region.

  3. S.C. Army National Guard engineers bridge partnership with Colombian army

    2017-08-31 08:32:07/

    Engineering experts from the Colombian army spent several days with Soldiers from the South Carolina Army National Guard.

  4. Colombia now is part of our lives: Armys work with Colombia yields remarkable results

    2018-07-27 14:54:58/

    Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate Deputy James "Jim" Benn (left) and Carlos Soto, CADD terminologist, lead a discussion on Army Doctrine Reference Publication 1-02, Terms and Military Symbols, with members of the Colombian Army May 18, 2017.