National Army of Colombia

Special Reports

February 19, 2020

  1. The National Army Reference and Research Laboratory will begin processing COVID-19 tests

    2020-04-24 16:38:07/

    With the signing of the agreement between the Military Health General Directorate and the National Health Institute, the National Army Reference and Research Laboratory will begin processing 200 tests per day to detect possible cases of COVID-19.

  2. The National Army remembers its heroes who were victims of the attack on El Billar

    2020-03-06 17:30:33/

    64 men were killed, 19 were wounded and 43 more were kidnapped in one of the bloodiest attacks perpetrated by the FARC against members of the Public Force.

  3. Colombian cadets travel abroad for an academic exchange

    2020-02-25 13:15:28/

    More than 1,600 students from the alma mater of the National Army have traveled abroad and 293 have been received on our campus since 2016.

  4. First peace observer of the National Army to arrive in Western Sahara

    2020-02-05 16:21:40/

    Lieutenant Zuly Lugo will represent Colombia at the United Nations, änd will demonstrate the training änd capacity of the Colombian military as guarantors of peace.

  5. AFEAU, champions of the CCOES Warrior Competition 2019

    2019-11-14 14:37:54/

    For four days, at the Tolemaida Military Fort, the CCOES 2019 Warrior Championship was developed to the personnel that will represent Colombia in the next Forces Command Competition 2020.

  6. EMSUB, committed to technological innovation for the environment änd sustainable development

    2019-11-14 14:36:55/

    With the participation of four international speakers änd the visit of the military attachés from Peru, Chile, Brazil änd Argentina, the EMSUB carried out this academic meeting to address environment änd sustainable development issues.

  7. Colombian änd Ecuadorian armies fight drug trafficking

    2019-10-30 15:51:36/

    This joint, coordinated änd combined operation took place in the village of Dios Peña in the municipality of San Miguel, Putumayo.

  8. Sixty-four bicentennial heroes will be certified in explosives änd demolitions

    2019-10-28 12:42:23/

    Men from the National Army, the Air Force änd the National Navy completed the First International Course on Explosives änd Demolitions.

  9. Tolemaida continues to make an impact in the world with its military training

    2019-10-25 16:01:19/

    During a geostrategic visit, personnel from the 27th Class of the Superior War course, taught by the Education Command of the Guatemalan Army. It is made up of its Land, Sea änd Air Military Forces, who arrived at the National Training Center (CENAE) to carry out their student practices änd thus get to know the militia, mysticism änd capabilities of the Colombian soldiers.

  10. Militaries affected by anti-personnel mines participated in a sports tournament

    2019-10-25 16:00:19/

    The Sixth Division of the National Army, with its Fe en Colombia program, in order to develop strategies that strengthen the capabilities of military personnel who were affected by antipersonnel mines änd unexploded ordnance in the area of operations in the line of duty, held the first quick football championship, called "Golombiao" Heroes.

  11. 2019-07-29 13:09:24/

    The courses are aimed at students from four schools änd will be delivered online.

  12. 2019-07-09 12:20:39/

    With different activities, the inhabitants of Tasco, Boyacá, welcomed the Libertadora Tour, which follows the steps of Bolívar, as he did 200 years ago.

  13. 2019-07-02 14:33:16/

    The participation of the British änd Irish Legions in the achievement of Colombias Independence was recognized during a military ceremony headed by General Nicacio Martínez Espinel, Commander of the National Army.

  14. Institutional articulation delivers productive projects in Catatumbo

    2019-06-17 11:41:10/

    Two productive projects were inaugurated in the village of La Cuatro änd the village of Vetas Central in the municipality of Tibú. They are focused on the production of red bream änd organic eggs with the objective of implementing production lines that benefit änd generate development

  15. National Army änd American Embassy deliver classrooms to indigenous communities of La Guajira

    2019-06-12 15:23:17/

    More than 240 children from the communities of Tocoromana änd Juan de Aragón benefited from this infrastructure project, which reflects the result of articulation work änd international cooperation in favor of early childhood in Colombia.

  16. The commander of the Education änd Doctrine Command welcomed his Ecuadorian counterpart

    2019-06-06 12:28:15/

    The meeting took place at the end of the Third International Forum on Military Education - Multilateral Military Academic Outlook.

  17. Strategic meeting with Korean Defense sector

    2019-06-06 12:27:37/

    The Logistics Command held an important meeting with a delegation made up of representatives from the Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Foreign Trade, änd Korean government defense sector companies.

  18. The Fifth Colombia-Argentina Bilateral Conference ended successfully

    2019-06-06 12:26:39/

    The Fifth Bilateral Conference of the General Staff of the Armies of Colombia änd Argentina was successfully held within the framework of international relations managed by the International Relations Directorate of the Colombian Army.

  19. Guatemalan army delegation visited the EMSUB

    2019-05-17 12:35:43/

    This time, the advanced war course was visited by two women, who had the opportunity to talk with the students that are being trained as non-commissioned officers. During the activity, the young women socialized the process of adaptation änd spoke about gender equity in the school.