National Army

ELN member turns in to the Army

Bogota. Offensive operations headed by troops from the Army in Bolivar allowed that an individual, who stood for more than 12 years on the illegal armed group ELN, return to freedom.
The subject, who assured to commit crimes in the group “Edgar Amilkar Grimaldos” from the ELN, manifested that he took the decision of escaping from the terrorist organization and turn in to the military troops from the Artillery Battalion No.2 “Nueva Granada”, deployed in the town of Coroncoro municipality of Cantagallo, due to the pressure made by the troops and the mistreatments towards he was submitted by the heads.

In the moment of the turn in, the man had four ammunition magazine, 20 kilos of R-1 explosives, nine improvised explosive artifacts, 42 electric squibs, 30 meters of cordite, 20 meters of slow fuse, 294 war cartridges, communication equipments and five assault equipments.

The subject will pass to the Humanitarian Attention Program, once the veracity of the information given is checked.