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Four members of the Farc, among them a nurse turned in to the Army

Bogota. The simultaneous facts registered in different places of the national territory, four subversives from the Farc escaped from the terrorist organization, presented themselves in a voluntary way to the military troops asking for protection.
Initially, in the municipality of Puerto Concordia, Meta, troops from the Terrestrial Combat Battalion No.6 “Capitan Alvaro Ruiz Ortiz” received a 30 years old woman; who was a nurse from the “Camilo Torres” group of the Farc.

The lady was 15 years inside the terrorist organization, and was helped by the military troops, due to a wound that had on her right foot, it seemed to be that the injury was made by guerrilla members.

Meanwhile, in the military unit Napoles, from Cali, was made the turn in from a man that arrived to the unit claiming to be a replacement and cook from the group 30 “Rafael Aguilera” from the Farc.

On a similar action, registered this time in Cordoba, troops from the Terrestrial Combat Battalion No.110, achieved the runaway of a 32 years old guerrilla, known at the interior of the group 18 of the Farc as “El Pajaro”.

The subject was five years inside the criminal organization; he went to the troops at the rural area of the municipality of Puerto Libertador, claiming his wish for becoming part of the Humanitarian Attention Program for the Demobilized, leaded by the National Government.

Finally, troops from the Infantry Battalion No.19 “General Joaquin Paris” took in at the municipality of San Jose del Guaviare, a man from the group 44 of the Farc.

The dialogue with military men, pointed the subject, the mistreatments from the heads, the lack of food supplies and the pressure by the troops motivated his decision.