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Member from the ELN abandons the illegal armed group

Pasto. The voluntary turn in was registered in the rural area of the municipality of Barbacoas, Nariño, towards the troops from the 23rdBrigade.
The 19 years old subject, from the “Comuneros del Sur” group, was born in the municipality of Olaya Herrera, and ran away from the guerrillas taking the night as advantage while he was providing security to a camp area from the terrorist structure.

After walking several hours he located the soldiers from the Infantry Battalion No.9 “Batalla de Boyaca” deployed in the area of Nariño, in offensive operations.

The man was approximately for two years in the group, time in which he knew the narcoterrorist faction and faced that the promises that they made him when he became a recruit at the age of 17 were fake.

Tired of the mental and physical mistreatments by the heads, being hungry and doing tireless jobs having punishments and humiliations he decided to ran away and ask for protection to the troops.

To the date, were registered 12 voluntary turns in to the tactic unit, two of the from the Farc and 10 from the ELN.