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Two guerrillas from the Farc return to freedom

Vista hermosa. In the last hours and due to the cooperative net in the sector and the support of the family of the woman that contacted the troops from the Mobile Brigade No.12 in order to ask for assistance with the end of helping her runaway of the terrorist structure.
This communication allowed that the guerrilla took contact with the troops and agreed a meeting point in order to be rescued, in the rural area of the municipality of Vista Hermosa; the military operation was made with the information given, and were combats with the illegal armed group took place, the guerrillas tried to avoid the escape of the two persons which are in process of becoming part of the Humanitarian Attention Program to the Demobilized.

The story of the guerrilla has an additional ingredient. From her eight brothers three have been at the guerrilla. One is a demobilized, a sister was seriously wounded and is still at a place in the Serrania de la Macarena recovering from her lesions and another one died in combat. Also has a soldier brother, who was contacted by phone and together four months later, planned the runaway that had a happy end.

The Mobile Brigade No.12 in this year has summed up 15 members from the Farc that turned in their arms.