National Army

Two members from the Farc turned in

Bogota. Continuing the process of leaving arms, units attached to the Sixth Division and the Specific Command of the East took in two guerrillas from the Farc, in Meta and Caqueta.
At first, soldiers from the Mobile Brigade No.12 deployed in the municipality of Granada, Meta, reported the turn in of a man who claimed his runaway hours later from the “Isaias Pardo” group of the Farc.
In another site, in the municipality of Solano, Caqueta, troops from the 12th Brigade, received in the headquarters of the military base “Tres Esquinas” a 30 years old woman, who said to be part of the group 15 of the Farc.
The individuals will go the Humanitarian Attention Program for the Demobilized, once the veracity of the information given is checked.