National Army

Two men ran away from the Farc

Bogota. In the registered facts in Cundinamarca and Huila, two members from the Farc´s structure, ran away asking for protection the military troops.
Initially, soldiers from the Mechanized Cavalry Group N.13 “General Ramon Arturo Rincon Quiñonez” from the 13th Brigade, stationed in the Colombian capital, reported the turn in of a man who ran away hours before from the group “Alfonso Cortéz” from the Farc.
On another site, in the municipality of Colombia Huila, troops from the Terrestrial Combat Battalion No.122 “Sargento Primero Felix Ivan Prieto”, received a minor who claimed to be part of the group 31 of the Farc.
The subjects expressed their wishes of leaving the illegal armed group, due to the lack of food and the mistreatments from the heads.