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Successful performance of Circo Colombia in San Andrés

October 11, 2017

Successful performance of Circo Colombia in San Andrés The families from the Island gathered to enjoy Circo Colombia
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Circo Colombia arrived in San Andrés supported by the National Navy with the sole mission of delivering pleasant moments full of smiles, color and good humor to the community.
The tent, lights, music and acrobatics were the main protagonists of the day in San Andres, more precisely, in the Sarie Bay neighborhood, where the National Army circus was installed after a great logistical and human effort. They travelled 1200 km from Ibagué to Cartagena, and spent three days sailing in the ship ARC Julio 20 of the National Navy.

The soldiers of the National Army opened the doors of the circus at 10:00 a.m. to offer the inhabitants of the Island three opening performances in which they enjoyed the color, the lights and the skills of the amusing shows of the Multimission Heroes of the National Army.

Sergeant Second John Castillo Rodriguez, director of the circus, described the success of the event: That people come to see us is the best reward for our efforts, because they are the reason we serve as Colombian soldiers who seek to bring the people a significant and transcendental message through our performance.

In total, 1,500 people, children and adults, visited the circus on its first day. Smiles, applauses and fun were present in each act and allowed the inhabitants of San Andrés including Raizals, islanders and foreigners to approach and to know the work of the Colombian soldiers in a different way.

Katia Martínez, spectator, said: We are happy to have the National Army circus in San Andres.Thank you for coming to the Island to offer our children the opportunity to be surprised and laugh, because it is clear that under the conditions of the department, they may have never seen a show with this quality.

Also, Katherine Maldonado, another attendant, said: As I stood in line, I did not know what to expect for I had never seen a circus in my life. For the first time I saw it and lived it. I go back home happy because I laughed like a child. Thanks National Army.

The inhabitants of San Andrés will have the opportunity to enjoy Circo Colombia for a full month, every day of the week, at 04:00 p.m. and 06:00 p.m. This event is free and has the objective of giving the inhabitants of the island a different experience through the commitment of the Multimission Heroes of the National Army.