National Army of Colombia

Troops destroy coca complex in Putumayo

November 14, 2017

The Multimission Heroes found and destroyed a laboratory with machinery and supplies for the processing of cocaine hydrochloride
A land and unified operation allowed the Multimission Heroes to find and destroy a laboratory with machinery and supplies for the processing of cocaine hydrochloride valued at 2.2 billion pesos.

During the military operations, the troops of the Infantry Battalion no.25, supported by the Battalion against drug trafficking no. 4, the Air Assault Aviation Division, the Navy and the National Police, found an illegal laboratory for the processing of cocaine hydrochloride in the municipality of Puerto Ass, belonging to the criminal group La Costru.

Thanks to the information provided by military intelligence, the Military Forces arrived at the site, specifically at Los Olivos village, where the troops arranged a military control plan to find the illegal structure dedicated to the processing of alkaloids in the middle of the thick jungle of the Colombian Amazonia.

This forceful blow affects the finances of La Costru, since a large amount of supplies for the processing of cocaine hydrochloride and machinery were found, including 2066 gallons of liquid supplies (diesel oil, acetone, sulfuric acid, hexane, thinner, hydrochloric acid, and methyl ethyl ketone), and 1330 kilos of solid supplies (lime, caustic soda, active carbon, calcium chloride, potassium permanganate, and sodium meta-bisulfite). Also, machinery used for the processing of this alkaloid was seized, including a power plant, two burners, four distillation towers, eight heaters, a drying chamber, a baler, and a condenser.

Nobody was arrested during the operation and the seized supplies were destroyed on-site following the corresponding security measures.

With this result, the Sixth Division of the National Army ratifies its commitment to the population of the south of the Amazon and continues developing military operations aimed at positively impacting the welfare of the civilian population by combating and neutralizing the criminal actions of illegal groups. In this way, they contribute, day by day, to the mission of maintaining the security and tranquility of the jurisdiction.