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Army finds three laboratories and an illegal warehouse

November 14, 2017

More than 380 gallons of gasoline were seized
In the Nario department, the Pegaso Task Force, unit of the Third Division, continues to fight against drug trafficking and related crimes.

Offensive operations developed in the village of La Salada, in the municipality of Cumbitara, allowed the soldiers of the Mobile Brigade No. 19 to discover a coca paste processing laboratory where they found a gallon of acid, a tank, four cans, 15 kilos of lime, 30 kilos of gray cement, 32 gallons of gasoline, 239 gallons of coca base in process and 963 kilos of coca leaf.

Similarly, territorial control operations in the village of Barro, in the municipality of Barbacoas, led the soldiers of the General Machining Group no. 3 - Jos Mara Cabal of the Twenty-third Brigade to find a wooden structure of 6x3 meters storing two gallons of sulfuric acid, four kilos of lime, four empty metal cans, 15 kilos of urea, 30 kilos of coca leaf, 110 gallons of gasoline and 55 gallons of processed coca leaf.

In the Pimbi village of the municipality of Barbacoas, the Mobile Brigade no. 19 found another laboratory for the processing of coca base paste that contained a kilo of coca base paste, a gallon of sulfuric acid, a fumigation pump, a press, five kilos of sodium permanganate, 10 gallons of diesel oil, and 20 gallons of gasoline.

At the end of the day, in the village of Caunapi in the municipality of Tumaco, the troops of the Jungle Battalion no. 53 - Francisco Jos Gonzlez of the Twenty-Third Brigade developed territorial control operations that allowed finding and destroying an illegal warehouse where a scale, two tanks, 10 plastic cans and 220 gallons of gasoline were hidden.

So far in 2017, the Pegaso Task Force has found and destroyed 222 illegal laboratories where 45 tons of solid supplies and 59747 gallons of liquids have been seized. These results have been achieved thanks to the information provided to lines 147 and 313 215 28 27.

Pegaso is Nario!