National Army of Colombia

Mass participation in the First Heroes Ride

November 14, 2017

About 900 experts and amateur cyclists joined this race in honor of the Heroes of Colombia.
The Fifth Brigade of the National Army, assigned to the Second Division, led the first Heroes Ride, a bicycle race that pays homage to all the heroes of Colombia, especially those who fell while fulfilling their duty.

The 38-kilometer track started in the Caldas Battalion guard, passed by the 27th Avenue of Bucaramanga until the highway that leads to Floridablanca, diverted around Ruitoque towards the La Hormiga village, passing by Acapulco and Palo Gordo, to finally end in the sector known as Guatiguar in the Piedecuesta.

900 amateur and professional cyclists participated in this race, and even children showed their skills on the route and overcame the obstacles presented in the open field until reaching the goal.

This type of activities are carried out to highlight the work of Colombian soldiers, as well as to bring the community together around free campaigns that promote good health practices and family union