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The National Army,hand in hand with the producers of Arauca

November 14, 2017

During a training and dialogue activity developed for two days, the union community was able to receive from the National Agrarian Unit the necessary information to continue with their production processes with quality.
The Quirn Task Force, unit assigned to the Eighth Division, committed to generating spaces to benefit agricultural leaders, gathered small and medium producers to provide training that will give a new vision to their production, methods and the importance of being part of a formal organization that allows to offer benefits.

For this, the National Agrarian Unit invited the producers of the region to participate in a two-day event, during which they were told about the different kinds of associations and the importance of being part of one of them.

In order to provide support, both for technification and production and harvest processes, the National Army places at the disposal of the Arauca community the integral action capabilities of the Support Battalion no. 8, which provides support to the population through the skills and the knowledge of its soldiers by deploying highly trained rural development squads.

This military unit seeks, through unified actions, to promote the development of the region, developing initiatives that promote not only a self-sustaining economy, but spaces of healthy living habits that strengthen the bonds of friendship between the community and the Military Institution. This is intended to provide opportunities for progress through confidence in the work of the soldiers and preventive actions through institutional campaigns.