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The 13th Brigade helps battling wildfire in Guatavita

February 13, 2018

The 13th Brigade helps battling wildfire in Guatavita The blazes affected approximately three hectares.
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In a coordinated manner with other authorities, our Multimission Heroes worked quickly to mitigate the blazes.
Soldiers of the Mechanized Cavalry Group No. 10 - Tequendama, assigned to the 13th Brigade of the National Army, in a coordinated action with the Guatavita Fire Department, the National Police and the civilian population of the sector, worked to control and extinguish the wildfire burning in the village Montecillo of this municipality of Cundinamarca.

The blazes affected approximately three hectares; however, through inter-institutional work and in order to avoid further damage or serious damage to our natural resources, several hours of work were completed and this emergency was fully contained.

Apparently, this large destructive fire was sparked by some people who were camping in the area. This situation is still under investigation by the Fire Department of the municipality to take the corresponding actions. The citizens were grateful for the support provided by our Multimission Heroes and the staff of the different institutions.

The National Army, along with different environmental and security entities of the country, invites citizens to preserve and protect natural resources, since Colombia is currently going through a dry period during which many forest emergencies are reported.