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Faith in Colombia participates in the first business fair of Casanare

March 12, 2018

Faith in Colombia participates in the first business fair of Casanare The Faith in Colombia team and its professionals cover the priority areas of the jurisdiction.
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The First Business and Handicraft Fair 2018 was held in the Ramn Nonato Prez Park of the city of Yopal.
Thanks to institutional articulation, the support of the Mayors Office of Yopal and in coordination with the Eighth Division and the Integral Action and Development Support Battalion No. 8, the entrepreneurs exhibited their products, learned about the needs of their customers, caught up with the current trends of the market, reinforced their presence in the business sector and created new business relationships.

The event was attended by the Secretary of Agriculture and businessmen from the 19 municipalities of the Casanare department affiliated to this great campaign. They had the opportunity to show their products to commercialize them and to support the economic development and of the region, creating a cooperation bond with the State and focusing on the common objective of consolidating areas with problems that wish to be strengthened through a direct meeting with customers.

It should be noted that the Faith in Colombia program seeks to guide efforts to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable populations in the departments of Arauca, Casanare, Guaina and Vichada, articulating interinstitutionality with the purpose of generating confidence and strengthening the development of public policies for the benefit of the communities. Also, it seeks to create spaces of opportunity through State offer in order to improve their living conditions.

In this way, through the professionals that make up the Faith in Colombia team from the eastern Colombia jurisdiction, more articulations will be developed in order to benefit the different sectors of the region.