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Cargo belonging to Los Pachenca, worth over 100 million pesos, confiscated

April 12, 2018

Cargo belonging to Los Pachenca, worth over 100 million pesos, confiscated Operations in the area continue.
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The First Division of the National Army continues to develop operations that seek to reduce the criminal capacity of these illegal armed groups.
The Multimission Heroes of the High Mountain Battalion No. 6 - Mayor Robinson Daniel Ruiz Garzn, assigned to the Second Brigade, through the network of allies, knew about the intention of the members of the criminal group known as Los Pachenca to smuggle merchandise in two trucks, which were hidden among plants of the rural area until the conditions were good to withdraw the products of the sector.

Illegal merchandise was confiscated during a joint and coordinated work with the Air Combat Command No. 3 of the Colombian Air Force, which conducted an aerial survey of the territory to locate possible collection centers and routes in El Trompito, jurisdiction of the Guachaca in Santa Marta, and the Fiscal and Customs Police Unit. This material was intended to be transported to the urban area of the city for commercial purposes, and included 33,500 packs of cigarettes of different brands, 18 bottles of Ron Aejo Cacique and 10 bottles of Hatfield Whiskey.

Also, minutes later, a car carrying 90 five-gallon storage containers with 450 gallons of oil, belonging to the same criminal group, was confiscated by the banks of the Piedra River, after being intercepted by motorized units that started a chase when they realized that the person driving the car ignored the signal from the soldiers to stop. All the material seized is worth COP 105 million and was made available to the Immediate Reaction Unit (URI by its acronym in Spanish) of Santa Marta

This type of seizures made by the First Division of the National Army intend to continue developing plans to minimize the criminal activity of these groups, and thus reduce the illegal components that affect the territory.