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The National Army bets on the welfare of boys and girls in Tib˙

April 13, 2018

The National Army bets on the welfare of boys and girls in Tib˙ Faith in Colombia provided happiness and joy through the delivery of school kits.
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School kits and water filters were delivered by the community development program Faith in Colombia.
A two-hour drive was not an impediment for Faith in Colombia program to reach the village of Ca˝o Toneles Parte Alta, a town near the township of La Gabarra in Tib˙, Norte de Santander.

There, eighteen children of the KM47 School, attached to the Puerto Barco Rural Educational Center, received with joy the visit of the professionals of Faith in Colombia who carried out activities to invite the students to be disciplined and committed to their studies, since this is the best way to make their life project a reality.

With the delivery of school kits, children will have more elements to comprehensively complement their school education. In addition, the donation of filters to purify the water they consume is a factor that improves their quality of life. The delivery of these filters is an aid to improve their lifestyle, since 99% of the water they consume will be treated, said Luis Eduardo RamÝrez, a teacher at the educational institution.

Additionally, the Holy Bible and the New Testament were part of this donation, which aims to bring families together around prayer and values such as love and respect for their parents, siblings and the community.

These aids, represented in family and individual filters for water purification and school kits, were donated to the community by the US Embassy through the Faith in Colombia program, since they are allies to support progress in the Catatumbo region in Norte de Santander.