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Army neutralized two alleged members of the Gulf Clan

May 16, 2018

Army neutralized two alleged members of the Gulf Clan The Multimission Heroes continue to work to stabilize the factors that generate insecurity in this area.
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The military action was developed in the village of La Linda, rural area of Ituango, place where the soldiers of the Ground Combat Battalion No. 112 reached in compliance with the Campaign Plan of the National Army deployed by the Fourth Brigade and following military intelligence regarding the presence of members of the Gulf Clan in the area.

On May 13, these offensive maneuvers resulted in the death of an unidentified member of said organization, allegedly known as alias El Pajaro, as well as in the seizure of a long weapon and a short weapon.

Another unidentified individual was injured; interinstitutional support provided by the Colombian Air Force allowed for an immediate aeromedical evacuation, which kept the vital signs of this person stable; however, on the way to the city of Medellin and despite the efforts of the paramedical team, the subject died.

In this area, some armed events between the aforementioned criminal structure and the residual organized armed group of the 18th front have occurred, generating uneasiness among the residents of the Chontaduro community, in particular. On March 20, 2018, three people were killed and a minor was injured.

Thanks to effective tasks, intelligence and analysis, criminal structures have been seriously affected, which translates into a greater contribution to generate the necessary security conditions that today the population of this northern subregion asks for.

As a result of the permanent offensive operations that the troops of the Fourth Brigade are carrying out in the municipality of Ituango and thanks to the interinstitutional work developed by the forces, the sacrifice and dedication of our officers to generate actions that aim at stabilizing the factors that generate insecurity in this area of the department are evident.