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In Tumaco: Horus soldiers contribute to the social recovery of the territory

May 16, 2018

In Tumaco: Horus soldiers contribute to the social recovery of the territory The attendees to this activity had access to high quality medical services and recreational activities developed by our Horus Soldiers.
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Thanks to the deployment of the capabilities of the Armed Forces, the inhabitants of the township of Llorente, located in Tumaco, Nario, benefited from free medical and recreational services.
In order to bring progress, welfare and development to the most vulnerable communities in the country, the Military Forces through the Hercules Joint Task Force, the Integral Action and Development Support Command, in coordination with the Eres Colombia foundation, benefited to 1400 people living in the township of Llorente, located in the municipality of Tumaco, Nario.

Twenty-three volunteer doctors of this organization traveled from Bogot to offer to the people of Tumaco health services in different specialties such as General Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Optometry, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Psychology and Pharmacy.

Captain Freddy Alejandro Arenas-Rodrguez, Integral Action Officer of the Hercules Joint Task Force, said: This health campaign seeks to benefit over 1000 people from the sector of Llorente, trying to articulate the Presidency of the Republic, the Military Forces, the National Police and different entities such as SISBEN, the National Registry and the Eres Colombia Foundation.

For their part, the Horus Soldiers of the Integral Action and Development Support Battalion No.3 demonstrated, once again, that children are the future of Colombia; for this reason, they gave their all to make them happy. Lieutenant Jos Robles- Castro, officer of this unit, said: We are developing a great Development Support Campaing during which recreational activities, clown shows, magic shows, bouncing houses, facial paint, musical shows and balloon twisting are available, so that the children of Tumaco can enjoy a day of healthy recreation in the company of their relatives.

The main objective of this Development Support Campaign is to solve some unsatisfied basic needs of the community and to improve the living conditions of the population through Unified Action and the involvement of the National Army in the inter-institutional effort of the State.

Nidia Cabezas, inhabitant of Llorente, said: We want to thank the National Army for the opportunity of giving us this space to access many specialized medical services. I thank them from the bottom of my heart because they are benefiting the village and its surroundings and helping the social and community development of our region.

In this way, our Military Forces will continue working in coordination with different entities to achieve the coordination of projects, programs and initiatives that guarantee the development of the country.