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Coca plantations are destroyed by the Army in Cauca

June 12, 2018

Coca plantations are destroyed by the Army in Cauca Destruction of 3.5 hectares of coca plantations.
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3.5 hectares of coca plantations and a seedbed were found and destroyed in the past few hours during the military operations carried out against drug trafficking in Cauca.
Drug trafficking, criminality, delinquency and their funding sources are the focus of the military operations carried out by the troops of the Ninth Brigade in the department of Huila and in priority areas of Cauca and Caquet.

This time, in the village of La Ceja, municipality of Pez, Cauca, the troops from the Infantry Battalion No. 26 - Cacique Pigoanza destroyed about 34000 coca bushes planted in 3.5 hectares of soil, which had the purpose of financing the residual organized armed group known as Sixth Front that operates in that department.

Also, the Military Unit found and destroyed a seedbed in another sector of the same municipality, for a total of about 7000 illegal plantations that would be processed in the coming days.

These military actions optimize the positive results achieved in the fight against drug trafficking by the Ninth Brigade of the Army in Huila and in bordering areas with other departments, where the illegal groups have settled to commit this crime, also causing considerable damage to the environment.