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Multimission Heroes receive combat first aid training in Leticia

July 10, 2018

Multimission Heroes receive combat first aid training in Leticia Training in combat first aid for the control of hemorrhages
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Colonel (Ret) Spencer Hart Guinn, of the Childrens Vision Foundation, donated 30 tourniquets for hemorrhage control.
In the village of Tarapac, Amazonas, the Colombian and Peruvian Binational Development Support Conference was held by the Colombian Military Forces, in coordination with the International Childrens Vision Foundation. During the event, people from this sector of Colombia received care, and courses and trainings directed to our heroes of the country were also offered.

The commander of the military base, Lieutenant Diego Gonzlez, and soldiers of the company Alemania 4 of the Jungle Infantry Battalion No. 50 - General Luis Acevedo Torres, doctors from the National Navy and from the Juan Silva Haad Health Center received combat first aid training for the control of hemorrhages.

Surgeon Spencer Hart Guinn, who is a retired colonel of the United States Army and belongs to the Childrens Vision Foundation committee, taught an innovative and practical technique for the control of heavy bleeding, which is also used by soldiers in Iraq. The Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT) is easy to use and quickly controls blood flow so that bleeding does not put the lives of patients at risk

Additionally, this international foundation and Dr. Hart Guinn donated 30 of these tourniquets with special bandages to the soldier and civilian doctors who participated in the training session, so that they can be used with the community in general.

With this, over 80 military and civilian doctors, who daily serve the Tarapaque community, were benefited more, so that they can continue working daily for the inhabitants of that sector of the Amazon.