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Ceremony to commemorate the National Human Rights Day and imposition of medals

September 11, 2018

At the Patria Theater, the ceremony to the Jos Hilario Lpez medal was carried out. Officers, non-commissioned officers and civilian personnel received this recognition for their actions, which honor and respect human dignity and morality.
During a military ceremony held in the northern canton of Bogota, a staff of officers, non-commissioned officers and civilians of the Armed Forces were awarded with a medal on the occasion of the commemoration of the National Human Rights Day.

The Jos Hilario Lpez Valdez Medal is granted to people who, from their professional field, comply with Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.

The first to receive such recognition were General Ricardo Gmez-Nieto, commander of the National Army, Admiral Ernesto Durn-Gonzlez, commander of the Navy, and Brigadier General Hugo Lpez-Barreto, Commander of the Integral Action and Development Support Command.

After decorating the rest of the attendees, General Alberto Jos Meja-Ferrero, commander of the Colombian Military Forces, who presided over the ceremony, addressed a few words to the audience that attended the event. He said that it is important to continue complying with the constitutional mandate while respecting Human Rights and that there is a significant progress in this matter made by the National Army regarding the launching of the Human Rights Command and International Humanitarian Law Policy Diamante.

In this sense, the Legal Department, whose staff of senior and subordinate officers was also awarded, ratifies its institutional commitment to legally protect the actions of all the men and women of the Institution, in order to continue consolidating the culture for the respect of Human Rights, the strict application of International Humanitarian Law and the legal procedures derived from it through the policy established by the Superior Command. This seeks to strengthen legitimacy for the civil population and the international community.