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Offensive operations against criminal groups.
The National Army captures seven alleged members of the criminal group Los Flacos

May 22, 2020

National Army conducts offensive operations against organized crime groups in Valle del Cauca.
Troops of the Third Brigade, an organic unit of the Third Division, in the development of the security and defense operation, seek to attack the scourge of drug trafficking. In this context, the Vencedores Battalion, working in coordination with the National Police and with the Office of the Attorney General, in the last few hours dismantled the criminal group known as Los Flacos.

This military operation was carried out in the municipality of Cartago, Valle del Cauca, during the execution of different raids. This led to the capture of seven individuals, alleged members of this criminal group, five of whom were arrested by court order, and the other two who were caught in flagrante delicto. One of the detainees was the man known as Parrilla, who was allegedly in charge of controlling routes and threatening anyone not working within his distribution line.

The detainees were carrying a firearm, a magazine, approximately 21 grams of marijuana, 140 grams of crack, and money. These items were confiscated by the authorities.

These persons were placed at the disposal of the competent judicial authorities and will have to answer for the crime of aggravated conspiracy to a crime and manufacture, trafficking, or possession of illicit drugs.

The National Army, in harmonious collaboration with the institutions, continues to carry out offensive operations against the organized crime groups and organized armed groups that seek to affect the civilian population. It ratifies its commitment to maintaining security in this region of the country.